The battery industry has been long on promises and short on delivery. At Sila, we’re changing that, and delivering actual material that works in actual full cells that you can test in actual real-world conditions. Our silicon-dominant anode products drop into existing battery manufacturing processes, replace graphite entirely, and deliver significantly higher energy density at the cell-level with lower swelling.

Drop-in Solution, No Change Required

Sila products drop into the existing commercial battery manufacturing process. This means that our battery manufacturing partners can produce higher performing cells in their existing factories on existing production equipment. This also means that automakers and consumer products companies can continue working with their existing battery suppliers while seamlessly incorporating Sila’s materials technology into new products.

Manufacturable Economically, at Global Scale

We’ve built our company, our products, and our manufacturing with the world’s biggest markets in mind: communications, transportation, and the grid. From the start, we developed manufacturing for our products using only globally available commodities as precursors, and bulk synthesis reactors that scale efficiently. At Sila, we’re not exploring unrealistic technologies – we’re delivering the next chemistry of materials for batteries, today.