Posted On Tuesday, Sep 07, 2021
Sila rolls out breakthrough engineered material for Li-Ion batteries with Whoop 4.0, The first commercially available device powered with Sila science.

Next-generation battery materials from Sila deliver nearly 20 percent more energy density, marking the most significant battery chemistry innovation to come to market since the launch of Li-ion in 1991 ALAMEDA, CALIF – SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 – Sila, a next generation battery materials company, is bringing to market the most significant breakthrough in battery chemistry […]

Posted On Tuesday, Sep 07, 2021
One small new battery, one giant leap for our energy future 

The market launch of Sila’s next-gen silicon anode battery technology is a critical stepping stone to the advanced electrification of everything—from mobile, to electric vehicles, and the power grid. And Sila has the vision, persistence, and the chemistry to get us there. Today was a huge day for our company and a tremendous day for […]

Posted On Tuesday, Sep 07, 2021
Unlocking radical product innovation from the inside out

Unlocking radical product innovation from the inside out Today’s mobile battery accounts for as much as half of the space and weight of the device. That’s significant, and is definitely a limiting factor to product design. Sila science has reinvented the lithium-ion battery from the inside out using next-gen battery material. And the difference is […]

Posted On Monday, Aug 23, 2021
Hitting the Books: How Tesla engineers solved the problem of exploding EV batteries

Between CEO Elon Musk’s often erratic antics, strident competition from existing industry titans, and a public that is still not fully sold on the idea of traveling via electrical charge, Tesla’s road to prominence has not been a smooth one.

Posted On Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021
Electric vehicles: recycled batteries and the search for a circular economy

Few people have had the sort of front-row seat to the rise of electric vehicles as JB Straubel. The softly spoken engineer is often considered the brains behind Tesla: it was Straubel who convinced Elon Musk, over lunch in 2003, that electric vehicles had a future. He then served as chief technology officer for 15 years, designing Tesla’s first batteries, managing construction of its network of charging stations and leading development of the Gigafactory in Nevada. When he departed in 2019, Musk’s biographer Ashlee Vance said Tesla had not only lost a founder, but “a piece of its soul”.

Posted On Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021
Automakers have battery anxiety, so they’re taking control of the supply

Battery joint ventures have become the hot must-have deal for automakers that have set ambitious targets to deliver millions of electric vehicles in the next few years.