Posted On Wednesday, Jul 03, 2019
Progress Through Powder – Autohersteller

Daimler has acquired a minority interest in a US specialist in battery materials. The car company also secured a seat on the Board of Directors.

Posted On Monday, Jun 24, 2019
Watt It Takes: Creating a Battery Unicorn by Learning From Previous Cleantech Busts – GreenTech Media

Sila Nanotechnologies CEO Gene Berdichevsky on the long path to creating a better lithium-ion battery.

Posted On Thursday, Jun 13, 2019
Sila Nanotechnologies’ Gene Berdichevsky: “The million-mile battery” – Podcast

The Sunday Times tech correspondent brings on Gene Berdichekvsy, founder of Sila Nanotechnologies, to talk about being the seventh employee at Tesla, making the Roadster’s lithium battery, developing the first new battery technology in 30 years.

Posted On Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019
Sila Nanotechnologies is Revolutionizing Lithium-ion Batteries – The SV Startups 100

Since its foundation in 2011, Sila Nanotechnologies has been developing silicon-based materials to power a new era of lithium-ion batteries. We interviewed Gene Berdichevsky, co-founder and CEO, to find out more.

Posted On Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019
Daimler Drives Investment in Better Battery for Electric Vehicles – Karma

Germany’s Daimler AG led a $170 million funding round on April 16 for Silicon Valley startup Sila Nanotechnologies, which has developed a silicon-based substitute for the graphite in lithium-ion batteries that the company says will improve their energy capacity by 20%. The materials that Sila is developing will give Daimler’s commitment to electrification a significant boost, since Mercedes-Benz, which it owns, has plans to electrify its whole product suite by 2022.

Posted On Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019
Daimler Leads $170M Investment in Sila Nano’s Next-Generation Battery Tech – Greentech Media

Sila Nanotechnologies just won another $170 million of venture and corporate funding to develop advanced battery materials that improve power performance of electric vehicles and consumer electronics.