Posted On Thursday, Aug 16, 2018
Sila Nanotechnologies raises $70 million for next-generation battery development – VentureBeat

Khari Johnson, VentureBeat Sila Nanotechnologies today announced the closure of a $70 million funding round for its silicon-based lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles and consumer tech products. Established in 2011, Sila Nano operated in stealth until earlier this year and plans to bring its first batteries to market by the end of 2018. Read full article […]

Posted On Thursday, Aug 16, 2018
A Silicon Valley startup is giving lithium-ion batteries a much-needed silicon boost – Quartz

Akshat Rathi, Quartz Lithium-ion batteries are the workhorses of modern life. The batteries pack enough energy to power our smartphones and electric cars. But smartphones still die after less than a full day of use and electric cars give people “range anxiety” because, even fully charged, they can’t travel as far as a gasoline-powered car on […]

Posted On Thursday, Aug 16, 2018
Investors have staked $70 million on Sila Nano’s upgrade for lithium batteries – MIT Technology Review

James Temple, MIT Technology Review The startup’s announcement adds to more than $1.5 billion that’s poured into the energy storage sector so far this year—roughly triple the total from the same period last year—as investors rush to lay bets on technologies that could deliver longer-lasting gadgets, cheaper electric vehicles, and cleaner power grids. Read the full article […]

Posted On Thursday, Aug 16, 2018
Sila Nanotechnologies Announces $70 Million in Series D Funding Round to Scale the Next Generation of Battery Materials

ALAMEDA, CA, August 16, 2018 — Sila Nanotechnologies (“Sila Nano”), developing and manufacturing materials that set a new standard for batteries, today announced it has raised $70 Million in Series D funding, led by Sutter Hill Ventures. Additional new investors include Next47, the Siemens-backed global venture firm, and Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). Since 2011, Sila […]

Posted On Monday, Jul 30, 2018
The race to totally reinvent the smartphone battery – WIRED UK

Crucially, Sila’s solution can also be swapped straight into existing designs. With battery producers in Asia scrambling to increase factory capacity to prepare for the age of electric cars, Berdichevsky believes that anything not compatible with current manufacturing processes could be locked out. “If the technology doesn’t exist today that would replace lithium-ion, by the time it comes to market it will be facing an installed base of tens of millions.

Posted On Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018
Ten years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries – Nature

Combining conversion cathodes with silicon anodes in the next generation of lithium-ion battery cells could allow cells to store more than twice as much energy as the best conventional ones by volume, and more than three times by weight