Posted On Monday, Oct 21, 2019
It’s All in the Batteries: What the Future of Electric Vehicles Looks Like – Observer

“The future of transportation will see electrification, ridesharing and autonomy all intertwined,” said Gene Berdichevsky, the CEO and co-founder of Sila Nanotechnologies, a battery materials company that has developed a silicon-based chemistry that increases battery storage by 20-40%.

Posted On Monday, Aug 19, 2019
A black powder for electric cars – Frankfurter Allgemeine

Batteries are the most valuable part of an electric car – and one of the major weak points. One of the first Tesla employees has founded a new company that seeks to change that – and it is making German car manufacturers sit up and listen.

Posted On Sunday, Jul 28, 2019
He Was Employee Number 7 At Tesla And Now Has Built A $1 Billion Business That Makes Your Phone Or Car Run Longer. – Forbes

Gene Berdichevsky was one of the early team members at Tesla. Now he’s building his own unicorn startup, Sila Nanotechnologies, which is valued at over $1 billion. One which looks like it will fuel every way you travel from the road to being in the air.

Posted On Thursday, Jul 11, 2019
How Do You Put a Plane Engine in a Car? – Scientific American

High-risk design trials could create superefficient vehicles.

Posted On Wednesday, Jul 03, 2019
Progress Through Powder – Autohersteller

Daimler has acquired a minority interest in a US specialist in battery materials. The car company also secured a seat on the Board of Directors.

Posted On Monday, Jun 24, 2019
Watt It Takes: Creating a Battery Unicorn by Learning From Previous Cleantech Busts – GreenTech Media

Sila Nanotechnologies CEO Gene Berdichevsky on the long path to creating a better lithium-ion battery.