Posted On Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Whoop’s new wearable can go on your wrist—or in your clothes

Your workout apparel just got a lot smarter. ASK PEOPLE IF they’ve heard of the Whoop activity-tracking wearable and they’ll either look at you blankly or say they couldn’t work out, sleep, or live without it. It’s a wrist wearable aimed at fitness fanatics—pro and college athletes, CrossFitters and weekend warriors—and it stands out for a couple of […]

Posted On Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Lithium-ion batteries just made a big leap in a tiny product

Sila’s novel anode materials packed far more energy into a new Whoop fitness wearable. The company hopes to do the same soon for electric vehicles. A materials company in Alameda, California, has spent the last decade working to boost the energy stored in lithium-ion batteries, an advance that could enable smaller gadgets and electric vehicles […]

Posted On Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Your batteries are due for disruption

This week, a more efficient type of battery arrives in a wristband fitness tracker. It could soon reach smart glasses, cars and even aircraft. ALAMEDA, Calif. — The new Whoop fitness tracker straps around the wrist, a lot like any other health monitor or smartwatch. But you can also buy a sports bra or leggings […]

Posted On Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Whoop’s slick new fitness band hides a battery breakthrough

Sila’s battery chemistry has been in the works for a decade. Now, it’s getting out of the lab and into a real product. Right now, the humble lithium ion battery is one of the biggest bottlenecks in consumer electronics, but a decade-old startup called Sila has taken a big step towards changing that. Sila enables […]

Posted On Tuesday, Sep 07, 2021
Sila rolls out breakthrough engineered material for Li-Ion batteries with Whoop 4.0, The first commercially available device powered with Sila science.

Next-generation battery materials from Sila deliver nearly 20 percent more energy density, marking the most significant battery chemistry innovation to come to market since the launch of Li-ion in 1991 ALAMEDA, CALIF – SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 – Sila, a next generation battery materials company, is bringing to market the most significant breakthrough in battery chemistry […]