Meet 13 power players of the electric-vehicle industry, from leading companies like Tesla, Rivian, and QuantumScape

The excitement around the electric-vehicle industry has reached a fever pitch in recent years. Now, the companies promising a new generation of batteries and pickup trucks — Rivian, Lucid, and Tesla chief among them — have to prove they can make products that will justify that excitement and investment.

Posted by david on Monday, Oct 25, 2021
An early Tesla employee says his startup is releasing the biggest battery breakthrough in 30 years

The quest to create the battery of the future has been a slog. Numerous purported breakthroughs have amounted to little, and many of today’s top battery startups are still years away, in the best-case scenarios, from getting to market.

Posted by david on Friday, Oct 15, 2021
This company is reinventing the lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries will power the electric vehicles and wider energy revolution we need to tackle the climate crisis. But they need to get much better.

Posted by david on Monday, Oct 04, 2021
Battery chemistry company Sila’s founder Gene Berdichevsky on the science of scaling up

Before Gene Berdichevsky became the co-founder and CEO of battery chemistry company Sila Nano, he was the seventh employee at Tesla Motors. As principal engineer on the Roadster battery, Berdichevsky was one of the first people crazy enough to experiment with shoving a lithium-ion battery pack into a combustion engine vehicle. The result?

Posted by david on Monday, Oct 04, 2021
A bid to boost battery power hits market after decade of trying

Next-generation battery company Sila Nanotechnologies Inc. finally has a product that consumers can take home — after 10 years of trying. Sila’s technology now helps power a health and fitness-tracking wearable device from Whoop Inc., the companies announced Wednesday. It marks the first time since Sila’s founding in 2011 that the firm’s technology has been included in a […]

Posted by david on Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Sila Nano’s battery tech may bring cheaper electric cars—but first a better fitness tracker

Sila Nanotechnology, a Silicon Valley-based battery materials company backed by Daimler, said the first commercial application of its silicon-based anodes is for a new fitness tracker and that its longer-term goal is to help get lower-cost, longer-range electric cars on the road. The Alameda, California-based company said today that its materials are being used in […]

Posted by david on Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Whoop’s new wearable can go on your wrist—or in your clothes

Your workout apparel just got a lot smarter. ASK PEOPLE IF they’ve heard of the Whoop activity-tracking wearable and they’ll either look at you blankly or say they couldn’t work out, sleep, or live without it. It’s a wrist wearable aimed at fitness fanatics—pro and college athletes, CrossFitters and weekend warriors—and it stands out for a couple of […]

Posted by david on Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Lithium-ion batteries just made a big leap in a tiny product

Sila’s novel anode materials packed far more energy into a new Whoop fitness wearable. The company hopes to do the same soon for electric vehicles. A materials company in Alameda, California, has spent the last decade working to boost the energy stored in lithium-ion batteries, an advance that could enable smaller gadgets and electric vehicles […]

Posted by david on Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Your batteries are due for disruption

This week, a more efficient type of battery arrives in a wristband fitness tracker. It could soon reach smart glasses, cars and even aircraft. ALAMEDA, Calif. — The new Whoop fitness tracker straps around the wrist, a lot like any other health monitor or smartwatch. But you can also buy a sports bra or leggings […]

Posted by david on Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021
Whoop’s slick new fitness band hides a battery breakthrough

Sila’s battery chemistry has been in the works for a decade. Now, it’s getting out of the lab and into a real product. Right now, the humble lithium ion battery is one of the biggest bottlenecks in consumer electronics, but a decade-old startup called Sila has taken a big step towards changing that. Sila enables […]

Posted by david on Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021