To Boost Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity by up to 70%, Add Silicon – IEEE Spectrum

Use of this anode material will boost battery capacity initially by about 20 percent and eventually by 40 percent or better. What’s more, explains Yushin, it allows the anode to be reduced in thickness by up to 67 percent, which in turn may permit the battery to be charged as much as nine times as fast.

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Silicon Eyed as Way to Boost Electric Car Battery Potential – Reuters

One such company, California-based Sila Nanotechnologies, aims to have its technology in over a million electric vehicle (EVs) batteries by the middle of the next decade, Chief Executive Gene Berdichevsky said in an interview.

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Running On Battery Power: The 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 In Energy – Forbes

These innovators should take comfort in knowing that past Forbes 30 Under 30 finalists have taken their battery tech all the way to commercialization. Gene Berdichevsky, who made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2012, launched Sila Nanotechnologies to develop a “black magic powder” additive for lithium ion batteries that he says will boost performance by 40%. Sila has raised $125 million so far. Read more about him in this Forbes story.

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Silicon anode batteries are coming, and with them, a boost in battery life for anything that uses them. – Popular Mechanics

Ezra Dyer, Popular Mechanics Lithium batteries are about to get a whole lot more powerful. Or cheaper, smaller, and maybe quicker to charge—take your pick. Next year, a company called Sila Nanotechnologies is rolling out its new silicon anode batteries, which replace the graphite in today’s batteries with precisely engineered (and tiny) silicon particles. Read […]

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Battery start-up Sila Nano raises $70m from Siemens and Japan’s ATL – Financial Times

Henry Sanderson, Financial Times US battery start-up Sila Nanotechnologies, which has a partnership with BMW, has raised $70m in funding from investors including Siemens’ venture firm Next47 and Japan’s ATL. The funding round was led by Sutter Hill Ventures and brings the total raised by the California- based company to $125m. Sila has developed a […]

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Sila Nano and the black magic powder – Forbes

Alex Knapp, Forbes Sila Nanotechnologies has all the trappings of a typical Bay Area startup: An open floor plan, conference rooms named for Atari games, healthy snacks in the kitchen. Two Portuguese water dogs, Ångström and Lumen, rule the boss’s office. Walk through the entrance and open the door, however, and you won’t find racks […]

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Sila Nanotechnologies raises $70 million for next-generation battery development – VentureBeat

Khari Johnson, VentureBeat Sila Nanotechnologies today announced the closure of a $70 million funding round for its silicon-based lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles and consumer tech products. Established in 2011, Sila Nano operated in stealth until earlier this year and plans to bring its first batteries to market by the end of 2018. Read full article […]

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A Silicon Valley startup is giving lithium-ion batteries a much-needed silicon boost – Quartz

Akshat Rathi, Quartz Lithium-ion batteries are the workhorses of modern life. The batteries pack enough energy to power our smartphones and electric cars. But smartphones still die after less than a full day of use and electric cars give people “range anxiety” because, even fully charged, they can’t travel as far as a gasoline-powered car on […]

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Investors have staked $70 million on Sila Nano’s upgrade for lithium batteries – MIT Technology Review

James Temple, MIT Technology Review The startup’s announcement adds to more than $1.5 billion that’s poured into the energy storage sector so far this year—roughly triple the total from the same period last year—as investors rush to lay bets on technologies that could deliver longer-lasting gadgets, cheaper electric vehicles, and cleaner power grids. Read the full article […]

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Sila Nanotechnologies Announces $70 Million in Series D Funding Round to Scale the Next Generation of Battery Materials

ALAMEDA, CA, August 16, 2018 — Sila Nanotechnologies (“Sila Nano”), developing and manufacturing materials that set a new standard for batteries, today announced it has raised $70 Million in Series D funding, led by Sutter Hill Ventures. Additional new investors include Next47, the Siemens-backed global venture firm, and Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). Since 2011, Sila […]

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